Monday, April 26, 2010

Hike the Irau Mountain

Setelah planning punye lame untuk hiking Irau dan setelah meng-cancelkan event ni at facebook disebabkan tidak ramai yang nak participate, akhirnye kami still on with the planning eventhough hanya disertai dengan 4 orang sahaja.


Our Journey

.: at McD :.

.: at air terjun (xtau name) :.

.: at Strawberry Farm :.


.: 2nd day: Hiking moments :.

this is freaking cool~

only 4 of us the hikers for the day

Wani as Holly
Hadi as Dr Marshall
Fiza as Will
Afif as Chaka

Ladies and Gentlemens~

Welcome to the Land of the LOST.. haha

I made it~ Yeah~~!!

Mission accomplish~

the hiking is like living in hell..
i cry for once, its not tiring
but its all about life and death [seriously]

the beauty of the nature is indescribable,
go there and see yourself
the beauty of it makes me want to do it for more

Let's do it again~!!


.: at Tea Plantation :.

p.s: lucky me having them to be my model

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eat until Blow..

The Birthday Gurl..


The Para-para Penyibuks..


Hand-made chocolate and goodies for Tinie's birthday..
originally made by me \^o^/
sedap tak kawan-kawan?

p.s: in a sindrom of keyboard rosak.. harap maaf..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Online, Offline and Invisible

Note: This story doesn't related to any living things or the deadly one, its also doesn't related to anyone of you who being 'invisible' and also doesn't related to anyone out there.. Just want to share the reality behind this story..

Y: Weh, do you appear invisible to H?

M: Yup, why?

Y: Oh, no wonder H said he doesn't see you online, I thought he delete you from his list..

M: ooo..

Y: Why invisible?

M: All this time, when I appear online, he went invisible to me, so what?


The Summary: When M appear invisible to H, by then M can see H online.. If M appear online to H, H will make himself invisible..

The Reality: If we love someone, its better to just keep the feeling rather than tell that someone, because if we show the love, we might lose the relationship that had been built before..

Y : You
M : Me
H : Him

p.s: Care to share thoughts?
Please do comment~ Thanks..
Maafkan diriku yang suke mentafsir..