Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The One Thing

29 September 2008:

In the morning...

Fiza: hey, wanna some sweet?

[I offer CS some Gula-Gula and then I eat one too]

CS: huh~ you xpuasa?

Fiza: ahahaha, cuti cuti~

CS: oh, you ade benda merah ya?

Fiza: huh stupid you~ period la...

In the afternoon...

Mr M: Come CS, lets go for yumcha~

[I looked straight at Mr M face and smile]

Mr M: Sorry Fiza you puasa.

[keep smiling]

Fiza: Its ok one~

[Then I looked at CS]

CS: Come la join us, u xpuasa kan?

Fiza: Haiyaaa you~ mane boleh..

Mr M: huh! Fiza, you xpuasa?

Fiza: Heh, cuti~

Mr M: Then come la join us

Fiza: oh cannot la~

CS: Come la just minum...

[cissss, nak mamposs..xpasal2 nnt aku masuk lokap]

Fiza: Its ok la, just go..

Mr M: come la just sembang2..no need to eat..

Fiza: no~ [with a serious face showed]

Mr M: serious?

Fiza: ya~ [with a smile]

At 3:00pm

Mr M: ok see you guys tomorrow~

[me showed a pelik face]

CS: what with the face?

Fiza: hey, why Mr M wearing so formal today? so different with us..we wearing jeans and shirt..

CS: huh maybe he got meeting...

After a while...

CS: Hey, next week you will get to know something..

Fiza: what something?

CS: Mr M told me just now during the lunch, thats why he forcing you to join us.

Fiza: what it is?

CS: you will know soon..i promise Mr M not to tell you...

Fiza: then what the use you tell me this if you not going to tell me?
[huh ape ni, terbelit ayatku?]

CS: you will know soon..

Fiza: about what?

CS: I will tell you nothing..

Fiza: iskh bengong la you..you make me not tenteram already~

CS: he asked you to join us for lunch just now you dont want..

Fiza: haiyaa~ things already past lor.. tell me la~

CS: ahahha...cannot~

Fiza: give me the clue...the company will bankrup? we will be fired?
[that the worst one i could think]

[CS looked behind and saw Ah Wai]

CS: cannot tell you anything...just wait la...

Fiza: you see my face, you think i can wait for this matters??

CS: ahhahahaha

Fiza: ok tell me what your reaction when you know the thing?

CS: I'm cinchai cinchai one, so this thing ok for me..

Fiza: ok comfirm this thing will effect both of us..

CS: are you scared?

[hold my heart and its beating faster and faster]

Fiza: just told me la, if i'm getting fired, i will straight away looking for another job now~

CS: no la, don worry..i'm sure you will be ok one~

[my head cannot stop thinking about the thing]

CS: go home la...its 5:00 already~

Fiza: cheh~ you make me cant slept tight tonite..uwaaa~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hand-made Mini Ketupat

My hand-made mini ketupat
Ketupat Bawang and Ketupat Pasar..
Ketupat Pasar?? Pasar ke Pasa ke Fasa??
hurm, donno which one is the rite one..
but the pronunciation is similar to Pasar
this ketupat is not for masak but only for hiasan
adakah ianya sangat comel?? ahahaha

.: in a mood of excited to Raya :.

Salam Aidilfitri 1429

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Berbuka Posa + Bufday 4all

20hb Sept 2008

Kami berbuka posa di Yankies Hut
we also celebrate ours own birthday
eventhough it already past or COMING SOON..ahahaha..
kitorg booked tempat baik punyerr~ "Atas pokok"

.: This is our foods, yummy~ :.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dont be sorry to me

Its 3.30pm...

Chinsiang: Feel likes want to eat KFC today...

Me: Hurm, sedapnye KFC [ mmg bau KFC ]

Chinsiang: Hmm..[ sambil pegang perut lapar ]

Me: Iskh, jangan la..posa tau~!

Llike usual I need to go to the mosque and solat..
Then, I saw the blonde gurl tgh makan...
Think positive "Maybe dia datang bulan"
I saw those bunch of guys eating KFC..
no wonder I do smell KFC just now,
I just go pass them with a lantak-ko face..
Then I heard a 'tersembur' sound [ apabila sudah kantoi ]

Firdaus: Minta maaf~~

What else can I say?

Me: Tak pe

Then I out from the room..

I giggle~

~I smile..

Until I reached the downstair...

I stop..

~My tear drop..

I coudn't hold my tears..

Its too sad..too sad~

Why say sorry to me? Dont you be sorry to Allah?
Why you guys makan sorok?? sorok from me??
Dont you guys know that Allah can saw it??

5.00pm: You guys cant wait to go home..
For what??
To break the fast??
To pray solat Asar??

Oh God~
Can I tahan?
I guess I think too much about other people..
I just dont know whether shoud or shoud not..
Please dont blame me later on...
I just could not bear to take the sin...
I do hope u guys have a logic reason for NOT to..
I do hope you guys realize it before its too late...
Sorry for being too emotional..

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hope My Thought is totally WRONG

Tap Tap Tap.. [sounds of me typing using keyboard]
Sniff~ Sniff~ Sniff~ [I smell foods]
Thought it might be Ah Wai or Joshua..
so I just let it be...
but after a while,
I look behind, and I saw the blonde gurl was drinking..
I tried to think positive, maybe she's on 'period'..
but can she be more polite...
I can smell the food from here..
please do consider others people [maybe only me]
Then after a while,
I smell smoke~!!
Its been for a week since Ramadhan start,
I didnt smell any smoke...
but today, after a week...
I do smell it...
definitely its not from Joshua or Chinsiang...
becoz they're not smoking...
Perhaps it would be Ah Wai [he do smoke]
Hopefully from him~
I wish~
If its not Ah Wai, who could be?
Others are malay...
Oh My God..
I hope I'm wrong..
and please dont let me be this bad to think otherwise...
I pray for YOUR Bless~~

My New Project: SmartWhiz

Today boss xde cuti senin and selase...
Thought can be enjoy but,
have to start doing the new project..
the Gantt chart alredy been publish..
this is what i have to do:

Private Messenging: 2days
Grading Report:
Report Card:
Attendance Report:

and all the above must done before raya...
iskh2..cam nk nangisss..uwaaa~~!!

i wish a very good luck for myself..
hope i can done this within the time range..
jiayou~ jiayou~

Friday, September 5, 2008

What a sudden?

Yeah~!! Its friday..
Everyone happy with friday..huhu
Balik kajanggg wooo~~!!
I leave office at 5.15pm...
and just before i punch my card,
I went into the room and saw Marshall there with Joshua and one unknown guy..

"Mr M~!! I balik ek"

"Oh ok, bye~"

Then I punched the card and I was thinking,
'Why did I use malay instead of english?'
I suppose to said "Mr M~!! I'm going"
rather than "Mr M~!! I balik ek"
pergh~!! selalu cakap english
tetibe lak excited balik awal,
terus speakang malay...iskh minah ni~
then I heard they laughing..
oh man~ please dont laugh at me..
I just make fun of myself with Joshua..
he must feel like punch me at the head,
pangggg~~!! for myself..[deserve it]

Then I drive so pantas until i stop at front of Glenmarie
warghh~~ tensionnn~~!!
traffic jam lagi ke????

Out of sudden...
The car next to me push his HONN~~
Luckily because of my busy-bodyness, I looked at him...
Hey, like i know this guy..
Its Rahim...
~~bukak tingkap~~

"Ko keja TNB ke?" [sbb dia pakai baju biru kebanggaan tu]

"Haah..ko buat pe?"

"Kerja la weh"

"Kerja mane?"


"SS15 ke?"

"Haah..ko pun ke?"

"Yela, patutla haritu cam nampk ko tp takut salah orang"

[kereta depan dah lame gerak..aku leh tercongok slumber berbual...seb baik keta belakang tak hon aku]

"weh ok ar, nak jalan dah ni.."

erk, camne leh jumpe Rahim kt tengah2 traffic jam ni..
betapa keciknyela dunia ni...hurm~


It was 12.30 in the afternoon..
everyone was left for Solat Jumaat..
while the non-muslim already gone for lunch...
I stay at the office and becoz of my tiredness, i felt asleep..
then i have one bad short dream..

i was in a car and stucked in a traffic jam

[this is what happen in the last few days]..
then i tried to potong all the slow car

until i stop the car becoz the red traffic light...
right after i stop the car,

there was an accident between a red motorbike and a big transformer...
the motor was broken into pieces..
becoz of the sudden tragedy,

i woke up from my afternoon sleeping with a shock...

Unfortunately, at the same time also, Joshua come and asked,

Joshua: anyone know how to transfer calls?

and I answered it straight away,
[remember: i just woke up from sleep]

push hash button

CS: hey, not the hash button, push the receiver la

Joshua: huh? what receiver?

Me: The hash button la

and I pointed the # symbol at the keyboard which is n03

Joshua: the asterisk(*) or hash(#)??

CS: no la..that thingla, the one at the receiver.

Joshua: u donno what its called huh?

Me: hash la..[i was insist that i was right]

Joshua: The hash ar...

then, Joshua go away and try the method, i donno which method did he tried. But one thing i know, its not the hash(#). I was completely wrong and CS was right. Because of my Blurness, i simply said whatever i think right and i fight for the answer eventhough its wrong...wah so malu!!

remember: dont simly kacau me when i just woke up from my sleep!!

and about the dream, is it a sign??