Friday, July 18, 2008

A short week, A long impact

I made my decision on the Thursday 10th July just after I left without permission from the COC meeting. Kak Hawa was shocked and she was like angry-hulk. *Pity her* [ i feel like crying now ]. So on the next day, Suria(System Administrator from penang) come to KL Tec to meet with the new System Administrator. I told Ms Yong about my planning to resign from Sony. She pretent cool and 'redha'. On the spot they call for the other shortlisted candidate. So the new member come to Sony at the same day she been offered to do the medical checkup. Her name is Ulya. Afterwhile I think I'm giving opportunity to her. And I made my desicion already, time cant turn back, can we? And become System developer sure have a bright future. [ just to make myself feel good ].

I stay for another week at Sony [ notice 7days ], actually to teach the new SA about the job. And I'm proud to said, I manage to understand most of the work and teach Ulya as the way Kak Ain tought me, plus I made a very powerfull guideline that just follow step by step. Ms yong said "Monkey See, Monkey Do"

On the last day, eventhough I only working at Sony for 2 weeks, but I learn a lot and made some friends and maintain the relationship with the old friends. Some old friends - Nurul, Kak Ain, Kak Hawa, Saras, Sakthi, Ms Yong. Deidre, Aishah, Shuhadah. And new friends - Ina, Azza, Ulya, Azura, Waikit. I'm gonna miss them all.

*all the System Administrator at one time.
from left : Suria, Kak Ain, me and Ulya

Only one thing that I really regret, on the last day, I'm not saying goodbye in a proper way. Suppose to *hug* all of them and last hand-shaking with Mr Palu and Mr Ratha. By the way, I'm not regret by letting this opportunity away. Eventhough I know people might said
"She is stupid by resign from Sony"
"Dont u regret?"
"Why she do this?"
"Do u have a feeling?"
and bla..bla..bla...

I know what i do, just pray for my best. I dont want to feel regret. I'm sure u feel the same way rite?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008




VS Subang

and bla bla bla.....

what to choose?

situation :
i am in dilema
heart said :
mood :
pening lorr
feels : cam nak mandi air terjun!!
action : solat istikharah

i already come out with one decision but not sure is it the best..
need Allah to guide me...
no matter what decision...
i hope it is the best choice...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Working life


hurm, really a wonderful date..
becoz aku last training kt sony 6 July 2007..

then aku join sony kerja 7 july 2008..
yeah but nothing to be worder so long..
i was hoping for emi also got the offer...
but after sampai kt bilik tanjung tu..
i was dissapointed bile tgk emi xde..
damn sad that time..
yela 2malam aku solat hajat tu...
just join satu hari aku dh OT satu jam setengah...
i know i can do all the work transfer by kak ain..
but i'm afraid i cant handle it...
the tension~
oh God...
really need you by my side everyday...
guide me thru this...

Ya Allah~
di mulakan dengan Bismillah..
disudahi dengan Alhamdulilah...
begitula sehari dlm hidup kita..
muga2 dirahmati ALLAH~

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Good Day oooo

4 July 2008 : Early in the morning i woke up, eventhough i sleep late at nite to done some secret works. Settle the convocation's matters oredi. [yeah, no more burden].. then went to Athy's relative houz at Sg Long. Makan biskut raya, hehe [yummy~~] and eat fish curry.. [WOW so yummy, nyam nyam] At 2pm, me athy and Kak Liya went for dumb and dumberess journey to look for a house rent.. [ahahahahaha] We look for the whole presint 11 at putrajaya but 'hampa'. And what make us damn angry - most of the beautiful apartment there are the quarters for the government people... [warghhhh~ damn hell stupid shit] For the whole day we search for the house but it give an empty result. oh by the way, i received many call for today. First, from ********* sdn bhd - "hie,I'm from *********, Still remenber me? we decide to take you in. So when u can come to collect ur offer?"... erk, i am terkezut..Second, from Ryzal [the berlakun agency] - "esok ade briefing, jangan risau tak perlu bayar, FREE jek. so boleh datang? limited place tau"... erk, ting tong~... Next, from Aisyah [cosmopoint] - "ur have been shorlisted for the 2nd interview next tuesday. i sent u an email. hope u can reply to confirm ur attendance"... erk, desperado or what?... Oh before that, forget to tell that i am waiting for SONY answer, they promise to give us the interview result by this evening... Abah was the one who cares to know the result where he sending me a message... "Assalamualaikum, how's the interview result?"... He really hoping, dont he? and i answered him, "xdela, nampaknye xdapat"..[a sad face showed].. he answered back, "takpa,bukan rezeki kt situ" [oh makes me want to cry]... then when i just got home, i told them about an offer from Infolient... Abah happy but he still hoping for Sony.. i wait until 7pm, but disappointed.. so i think ********* sdn bhd is my future.. So, i went upstair to take a bath but suddenly...[my phone ringing].."Hello fiza, this is ms yong. i promise u to give the result by todays evening rite? so r u ready to know the result? can u come to Sony this monday?"... erk, i was like surprise and unbelievable...after i hang up..i screammm~~ "Abahhhh~~!! i got it~~!!" [share the happiness with them] eventhough not yet 100% becoz i'm not done my medical checkup... so this monday, i do my medical checkup and if it shows no problem, i will be recruit [yeah~ i cant put the smile away from me].. OH GOD~ ALHAMDULILAH~

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is just a story of me

Hey, no more feeling2 for today. I wish to be unemotional girl. Girl? I am a girl? or a woman? woman sounds too old. Dont u think so? hurm, whatever it is... I just read other people blog that said woman are emotional and weird.. Do we? come on woman!! [pergh~ i cant accept it] but sometimes I do feel i am emotional, perhaps toooo~ [this idea came out after i thinking for a while, ehbalabalaehyaaaa(thinking mantera)] but dont tell me u guys never emo.. dont tell me u guys dont have any feeling.. hurm benci~~!! eh why i become so emo? oh no~!! ehbalabalaehyaaa(emoless mantera).. lets leave this topic~ i want to share my story. First thing first, let me count and comment my job interview [grrrrr~ emo already]

My Job Interview:

1. Exxonmobil(resume send during career fair) : This is my first interview and honestly i dont like the interviewer. Both of them are malay woman. As i said, its my first, so i am not prepared for it. [I hate myself] Result: I didnt get the offer. Duhh~

2. Westport(never send my resume) : From my point of view, this company is quite OK. But I dont know why my heart so berat. Result: yeah! I got the offer BUT i rejected it [uwaaa, dont remind it coz kind of regret]

3. Lipsas Industry(send thru jenjobs) : I didnt even went to the interview. And I think [sambil pegang dagu], this company say something about me at jenjobs [pstt~ and its a bad one]. Becoz after that, no other company call me for an interview. [i do apply u know~] Until one day, i was thinking to register as an employer to see my own resume. But i cant, i need the company policy number(erk something like that la), so i just forget about that matter becoz more other interview call after that.

4. Emerio(Mas recommendation) : I can said that not bad la becoz works under HP. But their offer was too low [ its a diploma's gaji u know ] plus its in Damansara [territory for the richest]. Did i regret? for that moment nope! becoz after i rejected them, until now i didnt get any other offer [is it sad?]

5. HP-
Hewlett Packard(direct thru their website) : only manage to get their phone interview. what can i said, I hate the interviewer and maybe he can sense it too. I dont care becoz i know he dont like me either. Fair rite? So, conclusion - I hate HP! LOL [is it funny?] becoz they make fun of my o'level result [yeah, i admit that i am STUPID, but pleaseee, i need nobody to tell me that]

6. Cosmopoint(thru jobstreet) : No hope for this becoz i dont have SPM and the interviewer kind of bias [hurm, i know i am not pretty, gorgeous or beautifool, but what u got to do with those thing huh~]. But guess what I just receive an email for second interview. This sound stupid becoz the 2nd interview suppose to be last 3 weeks [14th june] but i dont receive anything for any invitation. Now its funny, LOL.

7. DELL(thru jobstreet) : i think it just my bad luck becoz i get the wrong interviewer [its random]. They are strict and that make me scared. So no regret for this.

8. APEX(thru jobstreet) : I am hoping for this company but they psycho me a lot where i think become programmer is a freak.. oh damn~ am i freak?

9. IT-365(thru jobstreet) : Hey, this company is the most enjoyed one and i like them eventhough i'm not being employed. [at this point, i'm still hoping]. But they look worried with my expected salary. huh! am i too demand?

10. ********* sdn bhd(thru jenjobs) : At last, there is company call me thru jenjobs [am i too emo?]. hurm, this company is at subang and there too much dugaan for me b4 the interview day. Where the internet cant be used for 3days [stupid streamyx!! grrrr!!]. Hey dont blame me for being too emo, i have the right. By the way, for nyonya at the florist shop, "Hey, i am desperate for the coin~! only one ringgit ma~ u lying for saying that u dont have any changes, wait until it happen to ur own child". And for the mamak at the mamak restaurant, "Hey thanks for the coin, i will eat at ur restaurant if i get the job here. hehehe". Ok back to the topic, hurm no comment actually becoz i was too confident that i get the offer but seem like it 'hampa' and they had no problem with my expected salary [wow, surprise me]

11. Sony EMCS(thru jobstreet) : This is a place where i used to done my practical training. "comfirm dapat!" [is this what are u just saying?] hurm, i dont want to put any hope becoz i know how they works in sony. [ i dont want to condemn anyone here ] and by the way, the job that i applied is for Kak Ain replacement, she going to resign. [wow, this is shit!]. i know how tension Kak Ain doing her work there. am i going to be like that? [fuh, serah pada Allah~]. what Allah think the best for me is the best.

Wah, enough with the job interview. Next topic is some kind of funny, LOL. Last saturday 28/06/2008 [just want to remind myself the date] me, wanie, mas and aini went to 'UjiBakat untuk menjadi pelakun'... damn~ this is funny. I want to say sorry to wanie and mas becoz drag them into this [wah, feel stupid]... Early that saturday morning, we woke up and we went to the place [at megan avenue II] by train. Do i have to tell the whole story? LOL...just summarize it, we meet Ryzal and he explain about the job. Actually its not an Ujibakat but more to find people to become their artist [is this sound like WOW]. But we have to pay for that u know~ so becoz of our 'kedekut' ness, we decide to think first. [do we think? nope~ its just an excuse]. so anyone of u want to join them, just tell me. Maybe i can give u their contact number and who know, maybe u become the next fasha sanda [LOL]