Saturday, August 30, 2008

G for Graduation

.: Jubah together with the capping,
certificate holder[the blue one],
convocation book and the invitation nice~

.: Pentas yg jauh lebih cantik dari pentas mase diploma

.: Mamaku dan Abahku

.: with my Sister..kami sedondon

.: Athy and Niza..Thanks for coming~

.: Epul, Olin, Najmi, Me and Athy...
Where the hell is the rest of IT graduate??

.: with the best IS student...~Tong~

.: Wanie's convocation the next day

.: Naja, Monie, Wanie and Athy

.: Pelakun tu nk amik gambar ngn kitowang..
wakkaka..[padahal kitorg yg beria nk amik gambar ngn dia]

.: Happy graduation for myself and for the rest

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Memorable Moment

The Memory Lane

Life will still go on, either u like it or not, either u realize it or not. Time will pass on by just like a waterfall. Its already approaching to the end of August and I already work for a month. Am I happy? Does the job satisfy me? hurm, hard to say and difficult to explain. There are no job in this world that are non-stress..perhaps maybe in Jupiter got la..ahaha. I'm still doing my current project which is a LiveSite Express Edition. Its a CMS system like Joomla and Drupal. Its an interesting and challenging project for a fresh graduate like me. And another coming project which is SmartWhiz. Its actually an e-learning system. Got no idea how to do this project. Just wait till the time come. People might think that I love doing programming. But believe me, HELL NO~!! but its not that bad after all, doing programming here and there were really an enjoying activities. Did I said enjoy? ahahaha...
Come on IT people, if its not us to become a programmer, then who else? Dont let others look us down.
Dont let those guys think that IT people dont deserve to get a RM10K as a 'hantaran kahwin'. Oh memang xkawin la aku agaknye. ngahaha

This post is actually been posted when I was in a mood of remembering the past moment. Oh so emo of me. Let me tell you the whole story of my life at Uniten. I went to Uniten when I was in 16. I'm not eligable to do the bachelor becoz my bad result in O-level. So thats it, I took Diploma in Information Technology. Cant imagine that IT and me will be together. For the first time I walk at the Admin Building, I was scared-to-dead. The old me was a girl that scared of everything. I never went into the outside world.

This is my thought for that time being:
  • can I find any friend????
  • canI finish my diploma till the end??
  • why all people looks like a foreigner to me??
  • where shud I go when I want to cry??
  • do I dare enough to live in a room ALONE?
  • can I do this??can I??
I just sit and waiting for my turn to register. At the front sit, there are a girl named Mai. Mak Long was the one who do the talk. While, I'm not really good in talking. Then I saw one guy that really catch my attention. He's cute [for me la kan]..where I could not keep my eyes away from him..[oh xmenahan gune ayat tu]...I will not mention his name but wanie knows who is this guy. I been placed in a Group A. All of them are kind of berlagak. I dont know whether the problem is me or them.

Then, the scary life is starting. I am alone and independent. Abah, Mama and Apip already fly back to Africa. Only me and wanie here in Uniten. Wanie live in a next apartment. But wanie and me not really close while we at africa even we in a same class and school. we not really talk a lot to each other. Dont we? Well, she is the BEST student in LPS, plus she's HOT and ADDORABLE. Everyone want to be with her. While me? A LOSER. Thats it, a pustop...So I can said that Uniten make our relationship become much more closer. No one to rely on. She got me and I got her.

BN?BN? [bukan barisan nasional ye]. where is BN? its my first class and its was at 8am in a morning. Its a programming class. I had no idea what it is. After goes around one BN building, I manage to found the class. All of them are very 'skema'. Wearing ties, baju kurung and so formal. while I'm just wearing pants instead of baju kurung. Its so not me~!! so I entered the class, I sit behind. I saw there are an empty seat infront me, just beside this guy and I asked him.

Me: Ade org x duduk sini?
Guy: Huh [sambil nganga], oh xde.
....[me taking time tranfer to the front seat]...
Guy: Asal mane?
Me: Johor.
Guy: Oh, kite Johor gak, Kluang~
Me: Oh ye, kite Batu Pahat [at this time moment, i really dont remember where is Kluang]
Guy: Oh.[keep on nganga]
...[in my thought, this guy really do a lot of nganga]...

Then after the class finished, I really need to find a friend. Then, I just grab this one girl and asked her.

Me: Awak lepasni ade kelas ape?same x jadual kiter?
...[check both schedule]...
Girl1: Samela kiter.
Me: Boleh x nk gi same2?
Girl1: Eh boleh jek.
Me: Name kite Fiza. Korg?
Girl1: Kite Miza.
Girl2: Muza.
...[There it goes, we become friends]...

Wanie's friends are also my friends and vice versa. Me, wanie, Monie, Thira, Muza and Miza. Almost everyday we hang out together. The whole 1st semestre seem too long for me. Then, one day Wawa made a mini birthday party at COE foodcourt. I dont know how,why and what happens but this one guy named Im join us. Wanie and Im...I dont think I shud tell those story...huhu...but enuf to said that he is my first guyfriend.

The 2nd semestre: we live at Ilmu apartment 2nd floor and its a sharing room. Me, Wanie, Muza and Miza in a one apartment. There are a conflict goes on while we register for a room. Where Miza promise Monie to stay in one room for the nest semestre. But for the miza's 'lalangness', she register one room with Muza. We dont know Monie stay in one room with Wawa...But this lovely friendship wont long lasting where out of sudden, Miza and Muza plan to throw me from their friendship...The reason: very unacceptable~!!...we know it after Wawa asked us.

Wawa: korg berdua kenapa xnk ikut keluar?
....[me and wanie was like -????-]...
Wanie: dorg x ajak pun.
Wawa: huh? Muza kate dia ajak, korg yg xnk.
Me: biler dorg ajak? balik kelas terus masuk biler xkuar2
Wawa: ??? erk, xpela. korg nk pesan ape2 ke?
...[what was that meaning?]...

This is first time someone do this to me. I am naive. I thought everyone are nice,good and never do anything bad. But, I just got someone who backstabbed me and its really unhuman. [oh so naive]. Then I made friend with Athy. How I know this gurl? Wawa and Erda are friends becoz same2 from sabah. Then Erda and Athy are friends and roomate. huhu.. see the connection?

Third Semestre: Me and wanie stay at Ilmu 3rd floor with Kak Nisa. I'm not really remember what happened during this semestre but at the end of the semestre, there are some tragedy which makes Wani and Rahim become friends. Its a funny story, I dont know how Rahim can recognize me and Wani while he cant even recognize the other girl with us was his classmate. [me and Wanie not even his classmate or coursemate]. During this semestre also, we do a lot jogs at the Tasik in front. Realy miss the Tasik especially at nite, we used to do the lepaking.

Fourth Semestre: I stay with Athy and Erda at Murni. The other houzmate is Salmi [not even know her] but until the end, we never had a good conversation. Somehow I feel so bad for acts with a not-so-good attitude towards Salmi. We once plug-out her internet cable while she using it, then when she come out to check the cable, we plug-in back the cable. And she was like wondering-wonders about the connection while we acts like nothing bad we done. [oh, aku sememangnye JAHAT]. We joined the 'Line Dancing' club. Hey, I do can dance too~!! ahahaha.. During this semestre also, a big shock tragedy happens between Miss Jane Doe and Mr John Doe. I guess I dont want to tell those story. But because of those things, I get to know Naser. I wonder what happened to him now.

Fifth Semestre: My last semestre for diploma. Just too busy on Final Year Project. But still got time to admiring Kaer [AF2]..ahahah.. At last~!! I done my diploma in five semestre. Am I good or what? ngahaha..pangg~~!! Just during the final year project presentation, I woke up late. Aden was the one who wake me up. She become more kalut than I am.

First Semestre for Degree: Register for degree a week after start the semestre. Puan Normah kate "Dah berak baru sibuk2 nak korek tanah"..ahahaha..
This is the worst semestre ever. Really play2~~!! Starting pointer really2 rendah. Memang rase nak terjun KLCC time ni.

Nothing really special about degree life. We dont belong to any batch. Which batch are we?? ahaha..*wondering* flexible~!! During degree, I become much2 more mature. Dont have time to play around. More thinking about future. Just jingle around with my close friends. Afterall, Degree is much more harder than diploma.

And Now, after all the suka duka benci sayang perit jerit diharungi sepanjang 5ive and half years at uniten. Eventhough, ada kala nye feel like giving up but this is the end and everything become a past. And I really missing Uni Life. Afterall, Uni Life is the best and most enjoyable moment. We never appreciate it until we done it and start our working life. From that moment, we realize that we missing that memorable moment.

-The End-

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thought, Feeling and Sharing

3 August 2008 - Its been a long time for me not blogging, busy or too lazy? ahaks (",)...where to start? hurm~ My work? as Software Developer...I like this job and the work environment, I work under development team which not push me to wear anything stylish for work, so I wore quite "selekeh" and it is me anyway~ [ahhahaha..stupido]...its really opposite from my imagination of my dream job where I always dream to wear something elegant and stylish...but no worries, I will~ i do?? aha duh~ the company only have small headcount, pusing kiri pusing kanan, dia jugak aku nampak~ I can said that there are only 3 girls in the company and the rest are boys..[woman?girl?boy?man? duh forget it, they're just the same]...bak kate pepatah "bunga diantara kumbang" [ahahahaha, funny shit]...but seem like no one to be crush on...and me? I'm not attractive enuf and I dont want to be~ but they are nice and can be a good friend, that's the most important to me...ChinSiang is the other software developer, anyway there are only me and him...he sit beside me, i having lunch with him, teaching coding to each other, chatting with him, laughing with him which make those customer service guys a bit..a bit what? i dont know...maybe they wonder why I can chat and laughing with ChinSiang like I know him before...eventhough I met those customer service guys first before i met ChinSiang...hahaha...ok guys, come on~ I'm open..let we be friend..agree?? not forget to tell, this coming monday Emi comes for interview...let me remind again, Emi was a girl I met during my interview at Sony..when i got the offer from Sony, I was hoping that she got it too, but~~ [you know what happens] it seem like God listen to my pray, there must be a reason why we meet during the interview at Sony..dont you think so? So I really hope that she got this job..chaiyaou Emi~~ thats it for my work, so far I like and enjoy the work, eventhough stress sometime but I know, God must be always by my side to help me thru these...*wink*

1 August 2008 - My very very very CLOSE friend having a birthday today...

so i'd like to sing this must-sing song...


Hey, i wish you the 2_th birthday...[i make your age a secret huh]...unless you allowed me to reveal it...huhuhu...
I wish for your happiness and hope your searching for the Mr Right will be end you search for it? [wonder]

anyway, 1st August is not just her birthday isnt it? Its actually a FRIENDSHIP DAY...friends? hurm~
I never had a chance before to tell a story in a blog about my fellow friends, so let me introduce some of them which I can called friends~

from left: Aini and Siti

Both are my school friends.

For Aini:
She used to be my primary school mate since standard 3 at Tengku Mariam School. We go to Sekolah Agama with Pakcik Bakar's bus. We help each other during the surah memorizing, actually we cheating..hey dont blame us, the ustazah was sleeping while we read the surah(ahahaha)...We used to be a very budak nakal+jahat becoz cheats our classmate(if i'm not mistaken, her name was Ramlah), the girl gave us RM5 everyday to buy burger and drink for each of us. (I dont remember how long but maybe only a week). Now I am thinking that "I am a bad girl"..and there are a lots of memory between us.

For Siti:
she is my secondary classmate at Sekolah Dato Ali Haji Ahmad. By the way, I get those picture during the KSM at Uniten. I'm not even knowing that she was there until I saw those picture at TJ's metalab. Until now, I never met her. I get close to her since form 2. while knowing her, i get to know Zati and Nazira too. Not to forget Irna, Adah, Naziha, Rohani, Najiha, Nabila, Zaleha, Fiza besar and lots of them. I just dont have a picture of them in my computer. I do wish that one day, we will meet again...

from left: Athy, Erda, Aden, Niza, Mas and Nonoi

They are my uni's friends. Becoz we do spend most of our time at uniten together, so I do kept their picture with me. I dont know how we can accidentally become close and I miss all those moment with you guys, works make us separate, so come on say after me "I hate work!!" (ahahaha)...

For Athy:
Happy Birthday once again. I will never forget our "sengal" moment together. I do enjoy our terjah day at afamosa waterworld, our not-so working as RA, our unexpected "kenakalan" towards Salmi, our interview moment, our karaokeing, our laughing, our krewing job at Jom Heboh, JSC, AJL and bla bla...
There are too much to write isnt it?, ngee...

For Erda:
Thanks for being together with me and Athy thru our diploma's and until now.

For Aden:
Thanks for become my guardian during my diploma's final project.

For Niza:
how do we meet? hurm, I never thought we gonna be this close. Thanks for being so very too nice friend ever.

For Mas:
Thanks for sharing your story and help me a lot with a very technical stuff in IT..and I will never forget our kesengalan moment whenever we went out, perghh~ laughing like there are no one around and not to forget "mungikkkk"..ahahaha...

For Nonoi:
Thanks for become such a caring friend and never forget our days during the Uniten Masquerade Nite and the daysss before it, ngeee...
Need to be include: Mai, Aisah, Pheobe, May, Is, Jujun, Thira, Muza, Miza, Wawa, Zatis and Im...
Not to forget: Happy belated birthday to Mai and Miza (July 31st)

from left: Monie, Naja, KakLin, KakWid, KakMas

All of them are wanie's clique of friends which automatically are my friends too. I do enjoy our stay-up study for the exam and really missed that moments. They all are nice with a different kind of perangai which makes them special in their own ways. Especially for monie which know her since the first semestre and a lot we been thru together which makes me enjoy, makes me miserable, makes me sad, makes me scared, makes me happy, makes me laughing and makes me become a better me today...

from left: KakNisa and Nurul

They are my Sony's clique. Not to forget Yap, Aishah, Shuhadah, KakMie, KakAin, KakHawa, Saras, Sakhti, Ina, Ulya, Aza, Zura...

For KakNisa: Thanks for being so concern, for all the advice and for our "spying for hero" moment.

For Nurul:
Thanks for your kindness, story and i do enjoy working with you while we OT to do the Health Survey System, and not to forget our gosip about the guy sitting behind me, ngee..

For KakMie: Thanks for become my "kakak" that always be with me while I'm at Sony and become my Solat partner.

For KakAin:
Thanks for the advice, job transfer and our unforgettable one weeks being together, sorry from me if they blame you~

from left: Aman, Kaboom, Paez, Angah, DD, Syana, Wayie, Bum, Sepot and ...

I knew them from a place called CHATBOX. Which one nite Athy accidentally went into this one guy's myspace which we think he is cute(before we know who he is) just after we saw his name "Erry Putra"...erk, like i know this name somewhere? hurm, he's actually the actor of Manjalara for Jofry acting. So, starting that nite in August, I went into Erry's myspace. My intention for the first time is to condemn him at the chatbox but seem like he's not fun to be condemn. So I just pretend like I have crush on this actor, oh duh~ Until I meet all of them above which I never can expect we will be a close friends without seeing each others.

For Aman:
well you are my first friend at chatbox which I think you always said "aku ok~!" while you're NOT. You will definitely change when hilmi was around. I do enjoy our "menggila" moment while we kicking and banning those chatterz, for our stupid rule, for your seriousness, for your care, for your friendship and for our drawing...and not to forget embekkkk~~

For Kaboom: Thanks for being my "kembar tak serupa"...we will always be the first Upin and Ipin at the Chatbox!! I do enjoy your ghost story throughout the Ramadhan2007. Thanks for putting your name "kaboom" or else I will never get to know you. Thanks for introducing Ghost Story to me and not to forget the HanaKimi's CDs.

For Paez:
You used to be a very annoying boy to me becoz its so hard for me to get to know you at the first place. Where you always with your favorite brother AMH...(ahahaha) Our argument about your icon make us close...where we all agreed that the icon is LALAT while you insist it was a from that moment, we called you "Budak L.A.L.A.T" but now you got a new name rite? ~Encik Gemok~ sorry for give you that title...but i think it really suit you, ngee...So gemok~ Thanks for the everyday story, for not getting bored with me, for keep continue our stupid drama queen story that makes ... think it is gedik (ahahahaha)

For Angah:
Thanks for sharing the story which i never thought that kambing can be adopted and sorry for the "ketuk pala" which makes noise at your workplace, ngee...and moooo forever~

For DD:
I never thought that we can be this close. Still remember the first time you get into the chatbox, and been asked by me and Aman just-like a police investigation. Really sorry, but your "bebola hijau" icon really make us suspicious(ahahah)...Thanks for the class acting moment for become the Cikgu Garang and always "rotan" kunyit(me)...

For Syana:
Thanks for become my nenek~ you gonna kill me for this,ngee...Neway, thanks for sharing the bollywood story and always make me imagine you dancing like Rani(ahahaha)...

For Wayie:
You and "longkang" are always be synonym forever, ngahahah...Anyway, Thanks for become my "kacak" sifu and thought me for not become a surrender easily(but i still do *sad*)

For Bum:
BUM BACIN~~ that's your TM and always be (ahahah)...I will remember you as a very daring girl and I salute you the dares~~ And Thanks for MMS that you always gave me(you are the ONLY)

For Sepot:
Thanks for hating me at the first place or else we never get chance to know each other...Thanks to me for become so cruel(kicking and banning chatterz)..afterall, I am the Cruel Mod(the cruelest is ...) keep that in mind...but become the moderator without kick and ban have no FUN~ dont blame us~ ngeee...

And For ...(you know who):
he always be the mystery guy and eventhough I never know how his face looks alike, but I always make he as part of my friends becoz I enjoy every moment with him.

And to all my friends,
Adios, Amigosss, Flamingoss~

"Persahabatan itu seperti tangan dengan mata..
Saat tangan terluka, mata menangis...
Saat mata menangis, tangan menghapusnya.."

written by: fiezaza
datetime: August 3rd 2008, 6:10am
song listen: Vitamin C - Graduation Song(Friends Forever)