Friday, May 29, 2009

Letters for ME..wink*

After having a very tiredness of shopping at Mydin

We heading home...

and I do my everyday habit

checking the postbox


there are 4 letters inside it..

2 letters already been in there since the first-day arrive
[due to no family members belong to any name written in the letters]

and another 2 letters..

its for me~

very seldom for me to get a letter u know..

then I open 1 letter which I know it from Amillia

a wedding invitation..

huh~ pink lagi tuu~

and another one..




since we going back to kampung this weekend..

and I dont want to spoil my mood

I decide to open this letter on monday..


p/s: I hate this feeling..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Each people having their own tough life...

Angah call dan sms aku..
tapi disebabkan henfon aku kt bawah..
aku bace mesej angah lambat..

"Za~ its a cancer~ :("

ayah angah kena cancer~

Tapi aku dengan kredit baru je expired
[kredit ade okep~ cume tak digunekan sampai expired]
aku tak dapat nk balas angah..
mase bace mesej tu, rase terkesima gak..
well~ its a cancer~
penyakit yg sangat2 bahaya dan bley bawak maut..
kesian sangat kt angah..
I know she must be crying to death..
kalu aku pun..
ntahla, aku tak tau ape aku akan buat kalu kena kt aku..

Sorry angah for not replying ur sms..
I know u really need someone to hold you..
I'm speechless..
I felt useless as a friend..
All I can do is just praying..

I really hope Allah save her father from the cancer
Please God~
Give a little hope for my friend..
Give her a strength to go thru these..
Give her the happiness that she deserves~

*************** Are you going to finish strong? ***************

Sometimes in your life where you fought down
You felt like you dont find any strength to get back up
If you tried for one hundred times to get up
And you failed for the one hundred times
Dont ever give up~ Try again and again..
Because this is not the end..
Its a matter how you going to finish this strong
And you will find that strength to get back up..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAYer Birthday

24 May 2009

Special birthday wish for my daddy
I pray for ur happiness
I pray for ur life-longiness
I pray for ur prosperity
I pray for ur healthiness
I pray for ur wealthiness
I pray that u happy by having us around..

love you

Specially upload a video of my aunt
this is a very good video for u who having
a tough day to have a smile

p/s: suara agak cepat dari video.. sorry for that


13 May 2009

Nurhaniza Bakri

For my lovely and kindly friend~
wish u all the best in ur new work
and hope u having a great future ahead

20 May 2008

Faiz Hafizin

Wishing this youngie friend of mine
to having a great future
with his wonderful dream
and may happiness always be with you

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fool Again and ........ cheap?? duh!

Fool Again by Westlife

(the lyric has been changed a bit)

Hey DUDE, I know the story,
I've seen the picture,
it's written all over your face
Tell me, what's the secret that you've been hiding?
And who's gonna take my place?
I should have seen it coming,
I should have read the signs
Anyway, I guess it's over

Can't believe that I'm a fool again
I thought this friendship would never end,
how was I to know?
You never told me
Can't believe that I'm a fool again,
and I who thought you were my friend,
how was I to know?
You never told me

Hey DUDE, you should've called me,
when you were lonely,
when you needed me to be there
Sadly, you never gave me
too many chances to show you
how much I care
Ooh, should have seen it coming,
I should have read the signs
Anyway, I guess it's over


About the pain and the tears
Ooh, If I could,
I would, turn back the time
Ooh yeah I should have seen it coming
I should have read the signs
Anyway, I guess it's over



So Common, So Cheap by Blood For Blood

Looking back at all the times we had,
I wish I could tell ya' that they weren't all so bad.
But in the end we were just wasting our time,
Yeah I knew what you were but I was out of my mind.
Lost my mind...

I knew you were common when we started this thing,
So very common with you're everyday dreams.
But I was desperate for a heart of gold,
So I took a chance and I came in from the cold.
Life's so cold...

I oughta' have my fucking head examined
for screwing with a skank like you.
But it wasn't like I really felt for you,
I was just cold and empty through and

I thought you were something but you proved me wrong.
Money is your only god, what a tired boring old song.
Just another coward out to sell your soul but it just goes to show that
Nothing in this world is forever.
And people are all the same.
And there's no such thing as love.
It left me choking like a candle in the cold hard rain.

You were so common, you were so cheap,
Another coke snortin' slut from the barroom scene.
But brother, I was so empty, I was so blind,
I turned my back on the truth before my very eyes.

'cause sister, you could have been anybody.
You could have been anyone.
All I needed was anybody,
All I needed was anyone.

Monday, May 25, 2009

lalalalalalaaa!!! <-- suare sumbang

saturday-chillout with mas n niza

kitorg lepaQueen kat Jusco Balakong..

dan kitorg tengok movie Night at the museum 2..[seronok2]

lepas muvie tu kitorg jalan kt dalam Jusco,
and masing2 beli baju..
wah baju bukan la dalam list aku tp aku beli gak..
lagak cam org dh keja..
haishh~ panggg~~!!

then kitorg makan kt KFC..

pastu mak mesej yg Pokda n Mokda nk datang kajang..

woooo~~ pelikkk~~!!

baru haritu mimpi Pokda n Mokda makan bihun goreng mak..
then out of sudden, dorg tibe2 datang kajang..

pelik ar~~!!

korang tak kan paham tahap kepelikan aku..
sebab.. ko dan aku berbeza~
aku rase pelik sebab..
mimpi aku seperti telling me about the future..
hey~ i can predict the future nyahh~~!!

whatever la..

then ckin nk jumpe mas..
so niza tibe2 ajak aku gi karaoke..
wah aku pun gian nk karok ni..
pastu, kitorg decide tuk karok kt metro point..

minimum 2 jam?? siot tul... terpakse lar..

dalam tgh nyanyi tu, abah busy mendail num aku..
dan tatkala ni, henset aku bateri kehabisan..
sorry ye abah~
bukan saya sengaja..
henset lame ni cepat habis batery..

tapi bukan selalu pun Ija kuar camnie kan..huhu
ahahahah.. panggg~~!!
anak dara balik rumah malam2.. apekah itu??


lepas nyanyi tu,
ade lak niza bawak geng RA dia [geng RA ke niza?]
so kitorg gi la kt bilik karok dorg..
aku~ aku segan tapi aku cover..
yela tibe2 hangout ngn org yg aku tak kenal [laki lak tu sumer]
dan tak pasal2 dipakse nyanyi lagu..
wah ini kes pakse~~!!
kitorg dh nyanyi 2 jam wooo~~


tapi sbb kitorg ni sempoi [sempoi ke??],
kitorg pun nyanyi je la..
actually i'm proud of myself..
sbb challenge diri sendiri..

suara nyanyi dh la cam katak tak jumpe jalan pulang rumah..
tp aku tetap nyanyi.. depan org yg aku tak kenal..
wah~ cam dh lepas ni utk gi audition AF8

wakakakakak~ pangggggggggggg~~!!

anyway, aku happy and enjoy all that moment..

lagi2 biler tgk niza nyanyi dan menjerit sepuas hati dia..
pergh~ korg tak kan dapat tgk niza jerit camtu..
aku pun terkejut..ahahah
betul2 dia nk lepas tension.. huhu

then aku sampai rumah kul11..
wooo bad reputation.. ahahah
dan wanie tak kuar tuk satu hari tu..
wah~ wani anak yg baekk~~!!

wakakakaka.. panggggggggggggggg~~!!

- the end -

Friday, May 22, 2009

aku tak boleh nak tidur...

after chatting with paez and wayie..

after saying a sleep-morning-goodbye..

after turning off the laptop..

after ready for a dreaming moment..

I end up with
"aku tak boleh nak tidur"

keep thinking about the hell-heart-touching words

thought of sms-ing paez and wayie
but they might be sleep already..

so, after the azan subuh,
I decide to wrote this in Blog..

my mind keep thinking about the emotion I felt right now..

the emotion that hurts me so much..

the emotion that makes me cry..

the emotion that makes my right hand's cramp..

the emotion that makes me awake..

the emotion that proves I am over-sensitive..

well, after all..

hina sangat ke aku ni??

teruk sangat ke aku ni??

buruk sangat ke perangai aku??

kasar sangat ke aku ni??

munyit sangat ke aku ni??

kurang ajar sangat ke aku ni??

fucking bitch sangat ke aku ni??


murah sangat ke persahabatan aku ni??

I think..

I been cursed..

I been tested..

I screwed up everything..

I am sick..

I am tired..

I am scared..

maybe, I'm just to serious about this..

I am done..

"enough is enough"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I had a dream... bukan impian tapi mimpi...

dikala rancangan 999 start bermain kt kaca TV..

aku menyusul naik ke bilik..

me: haishh~ hari rabu mmg membusankan, tak dak citer manarik..

then aku take a nap dan baring2 atas katil.. tibe2 aku terbangun kul11, tgk bawah sumer dh gelap, sumer org dh tido.. so aku terus tutup pintu dan sambung tido.. dan dikala ini, aku bermimpi yg aneh..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [angin sepoi2 bahase] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

sketsa mimpi babak pertama ni, ade kaitan ngn mimpi aku yg lain b4 ni.. aku berada kt dalam satu rumah ni dimana perasaan aku mengatakan ianya rumah aku.. rumah ni besar super, bilik tak dapat nk kire sbb byk sgt.. consist of 5 tingkat, tinggi tuuu~

tingkat 5
tingkat 5 ni adalah bilik2 lain..
ade la dlm 4 bilik kt tingkat 5 ni..
bilik aku jugak kt tingkat 5 ni dan ianya jugak biru..

tingkat 4
master bed room kt sini yg merupakan bilik parent aku la kot..
pastu ade satu hall luas, maybe tempat solat kot..

tingkat 3
ade ruang tamu, kitchen dan jugak stor..
dari dapur leh nmpk swimming pool kt luar..

tingkat 2
hall besar yg hanya ade carpet dan cermin sekeliling..
pintu kuar utama jugak di tingkat 2, kire rumah ni cam bukit skit ar,
keta sumer parking kt tingkat 2..

tingkat 1
most of the room adalah bilik tetamu..
dan ade satu bilik air besar, kire public toilet ar..
sbb kt luar ade swimming pool..

detail ttg rumah ni aku tau dalam mimpi aku yg b4 ni.. dalam mimpi tu aku masuk setiap bilik dan bilik air, setiap tingkat dan tangga sumer aku nmpk dgn jelass..

so dalam mimpi kali ni.. aku sekali lg berada dalam rumah ni.. aku dari bilik aku tingkat 5, menuruni tangga terus ke ruang tamu.. kt dalam ruang tamu tu ade wani and mak, tengah makan bihun goreng.. aku dengan muke pelikk masuk tgk mak and wani..

mak: Ija~ meh makan bihun goreng~

me: apsal ade meja makan kt sini??

mak: mak tukar susunan td.. leh tgk tv dari sini..

wani: ape yg ko sibuk~ kan senang je nk tukar perabut ni..

[time ni aku bayangkan cam dlm the sims,
senang jek nk buang angkat barang2]

me: huh~ tak nak la makan~ nak kuar..

aku pun turun ke tingkat 2 tuk kluar dari rumah.. dengan secara tidak logiknya, aku telah berada kt satu shopping mall ni.. aku kt dalam satu kedai ni, tp bukan kedai.. more to a classroom.. dimane kerusi meja sumer dh terbalik dan dalam keadaan yg tgh perang.. bunyi tembakan sane sini.. org menjerit sane sini.. tibe2 aku dilindungi oleh satu kumpulan troop ni.. dorg dilengkapi dengan pistol, machine gun, bom dan macam2 la.. time ni kitorg tgh bersembunyi diantara meja2 yg dah terbalik..

trooper 1: weh~ ade pistol x nk tembak org tu??
[sambil tunjuk org yg menuju ke kitorg]

me: damn~ sape tu??
[sambil aku raba2 coat aku..
tibe2 ade lak pistol dalam poket coat aku]

trooper 2: aku nk simpan peluru la..

trooper 1: orang tu adalah pengkianat..

pastu dengan benggong nye masing2 sayang peluru.. aku tgk si pengkianat tu, dia amik pistol dan hala ke muka dia..

me: eh~ nak tembak diri sendiri ke tu??

trooper 3: ah jangan caye ar.. pistol tu pistol mainan budak2 tu..

time ni teringat kt pistol apip yg abah hadiah kan tu.. kalu ade skang ni kan bagus, aku leh protect diri aku sendirikk..

trooper 4: lari weh~ lari~~

me: ape lak ni??

trooper 3: huh~!! shitt~~!!

satu kumpulan yg seakan zombie.. ntahla, xdapat dikenal pasti, tapi cam zombie la.. dorg menuju ke kitorg.. wah, takut giler time ni~ cam cilaka~ time ni aku bersiap sedia pegang pistol yg hanya ade maybe 6 peluru je..

trooper 1: sini~~!! ikut aku..

[kire trooper 1 ni cam ketua group ar]

pastu kitorg sumer follow the leader masuk satu lorong gelap nie.. aku berada kt tengah2 antara dorg, trooper 1 dan trooper 2 depan aku.. belakang aku trooper 3 and trooper 4.. obviously aku tak cam muke dorg..

me: weh, aku takut ni weh~~!!
[sambil pegang erat2 pistol dalam kocek, ye ar takut tercicir]

trooper 4: nah amik ni.. hadiah tuk ko..

[sambil hulur dari belakang,

aku hanya nmpk tangan dia dari bahu kiri aku]

me: erk~ ape ni??

aku pun stop, aku biarkan trooper 3 lalu dlu.. dan aku pergi kt trooper 4.. dan aku kenal si trooper 4 ni.. dia penah masuk dalam mimpi aku b4 ni..

me: weh~ ko ni kan~ suke kasik aku menda2 cam ni kan..
[time ni nada cam tak suke,
tapi dalam hati suke sebenarnye dapt hadiah tu,
even tak tau ape fungsi menda tu..]

trooper 2: jage2~~!!

tembakan pun dilepaskan~ berdas2 kt org yg perut nye buncit yg baru keluar dari arah kiri.. time ni aku cuak giler.. perasaan tu cam masuk rumah hantu.. jauh gak perjalanan dalam terowong gelap tu.. tibe2 kitorg keluar kt airport.. airport ni pernah muncul dalam mimpi aku b4 ni.. besar dan stylish giler airport ni..

trooper 1: cepat lariii~ nnt kiter akan miss flight tu~ go go goo~!!

lari la sepantas yg boleh nk menuju ke arah escalator tuk ke pintu balai berlepas tu.. tibe2 ade ramai org cam pelancung yg turun dr escalator tu.. kitorg yg lari ni tibe2 terbehenti..

trooper 3: weh cam weslife je tu??

me: haah.. betulla tu westlife~~

trooper 3: weh~ tolong amik gambar aku dgn westlife weh..

me: err~~
[tibe2 jek camera ade kt tangan aku..
bukan sepatutnye pistol ke??]

trooper 3: hi~ can I take picture with u guys??

so, dorg pun beratur la ramai2 amik gambar.. tp yg peliknye, apsal ramai sangat ni?? sampai aku terpakse gi belakang skit tuk muatkan sumer dalam satu gambar.. sedang dalam aku nk click button snap picture tu.. tibe2 mak ntah dari mane datang, sibuk mengendeng kt sebelah aku, siap letak tangan kt bahu aku.. so biler aku snap gambar tu, dgn secara logiknya, gambar tu bergerak..

me: mak kacauu~~ one more time~~!! again2~

so dorg pun posing la sekali lagi.. lepas tu, westlife bersame krew2 nye pun berambus dari situ.. aku pun zoom la gambar yg aku amik tadi tu.. zoom punye zoom, tibe2 nmpk gambar wani.. tibe2 lak ade wanie dlm gambar ni..

wani: weh camne gambar aku?? comel ke x??

me: huh~ tengok la sendirik.. ok je aku tgk.. cume gambar cam blurr skit sbb salji ni kacau..

wani: apsal terang sangat??

me: sbb ade flash la weh.. sape yg bengap pi tekan flash ni??

person 1: dalbir yg tekan td..

me: wah bengap ar dia.. sape suh tekan???? waarghh~~!!

person 2: bukan dia ar~ hadi yg tekan~

me: eii~ ntah ape2 la dorg ni.. dah gambar xcantikk..

camne dalbir leh masuk dlm mimpi aku, well dalbir ni supervisor Mas..ahaha.. yg hadi lak, bukan hadi wani tapi hadi mase aku keja kt sony dulu tu.. pun pelik gak camne leh masuk mimpi aku.. kat mane lak aku tibe2 ni ade salji? well, aku sendirik pun tak tau kedudukan aku skang kt mane.. tibe2 trooper-trooper tadi dh hilang ntah kemana.. dan ntah camne aku plak berada semula kt ruang tamu rumah aku yg awal2 aku mimpi tadi..

wani: meh kiter amik gambar ramai2 jom~~!!

mak: mane dorg ni??

me: cepat kumpulkan dorg..
[sambil aku carik stand tuk letak kamera tu]

mak: dorg ni kalu nk amik gambar punye la susah..

mokda: meh makan dulu~

aku pun toleh ke kanan~ mokda dan pokda sedang menikmati bihun goreng yg mak masak tadi.. aku dah cam tension sbb nk amik gambar ramai2 punyela susah.. then aku tgk la pokda dan mokda tadi dengan harapan dorg paham tenungan aku bermaksud "bley x amik gambar dlu baru makan??".. ahhahaha

pastu di satu sudut~ aku ternampk si trooper 4 yg penah muncul dalam mimpi aku b4 ni.. dia memanggil aku.. yela kan~ bukan kitorg nk naik plane ke tadi?? so aku pun menujulah ke dia ke satu tmpt yg gelap.. cam satu bilik gelap..

then~ aku tersentapp~~ dan aku terjage dari tido..

me: warghh~~ mimpi cam siott~~

time ni mmg aku ingat dh kul4 or kul5 sbb mimpi cam lame giler rasenye.. pastu aku tergolek2 atas katil xleh nk tido..

te amoooraa~~ [bunyi ringtone tuk sms henfon aku]

me: sape lak mesej time ni.. huh~ baru kul 1.40 ke??

sms from paez: zazapp~~!! on9~~!! on9 skang jugakk~~!!

lebih kurang camtu la mesej dari dak munyit yg gelabah..wakakakak.. disebabkan aku dh xleh nk tido, aku pun bukak la laptop.. terus on9 dan aku diinvite ke dalam conference munyit~ mase ni dalam sedar n tak sedar.. seb baek aku tak de merapu lucah dalam conference.. wakkakaka..

begitu la kisahnye~ dan tibe2.. bunyi pagar pintu dibuka.. wah dada dug dag~

me: sapekah??

aku sedaya upaya cube menIGNOREkan bunyi tu.. tapi tibe2..

tukkkk tukkk~~ [pintu bilik diketukk]

me: damn~

dalam takut-takut berani tu, aku pun bukak pintu.. tapi xterus pandang bukak jek.. ntah lantak la ape yg nk muncul... sekali rupenye wanie~~~!!! pangggggggggg~~!! bikin cuak jekk~~!! begitula sketsa..


-the end-

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boleh ke Mimpi-di-siang-hari menjadi realiti?

Harini teman Niza gi Seri Putra, hantar keta dia gi bengkel.. By the way, semalam aku, athy n niza hangout bersame kt McD Bangi.. terlanjur tu, kitorg celebrate skali birthday Niza yg baru je lepas.. lepak lame la jugak, cam tak reti nak balik pun ade.. ahaha..



alamak~~ keta aku ke??

luckily kitorg duduk kt luar, so kitorg dengar.. ye,memang betul keta niza yg kena langgar.. itula sebabnye aku teman niza gi bengkel kt sri putra harini.. bangun awal sungguh aku.. actually bukan bangun awal, aku tak tido pun.. huhu

then dalam perjalanan..

~~~ kak M calling...

and aku tak angkat sebab henset aku kehabisan batery,
kalu angkat henfon akan mati kan call tu suke suki dia..

so aku sms kak M~

sms to kak M:

salam kak.. henfon run out of batery..
kenapa?? result dah keluar ke? huhu

sms from kak M:

salam.. prof CN antar email,
half of the class failed..huaa :(


this remind me of my morning-mare dream about a week ago..
in a dream, I clearly saw my result..

and because of this.. my mood for the whole day had been ruined..

no soul in my body.. feels like running away as far as I could..

lari~~ larilah sejauh mane yang termampu..
because I am scared to face the truth..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How I done so far?

This is a follow-up to "my-wanted-list"..


yeah, aku telah kemas bilik dengan jaya nye..
walaupun xikut sebijik seperti plan,
tp setelah berkemas, menyapu, mengemop, menggangkat, menolak, menarik...
akhirnye dengan ini,
aku mengistiharkan bilik aku bersih
dari sebarang wabak penyakit yg memudaratkan
seperti selsema babiss, influenza errr whateverrr,
H1N1 or I called it Hini dan lain2 nye..

dari tak teraturnye dan serabut ini...

ditranformasi menjadi ini...

wah, tamaknye aku..
dh ade laptop, nak angkut pc masuk bilik gak.. wakakka..

Markah terkumpul setakat ini...

kebersihan = 10 markah
kekemasan = 10 markah
keteraturan barang = 8 markah
arrangement = 4 markah
penggunaan warna = 10 markah [bonus ni]
kepenatan peluh yg kuar = 10 markah

total untuk task ONE = 52 markah


kemas gerobok pakaian??
siap susun ikut colour lagi nyahh..
dan obviously colour paling banyak adalah hitam..
banyak pulak tu baju hitam aku..

kiraan markah...

kekemasan = 10 markah
kebersihan = 5 markah
arrangement = 10 markah
susun ikut colour = 10 markah [bonus]
kepenatan peluh yg kuar = 9 markah [sbb bukak aircon]

total tuk task TWO = 44 markah


cuci toilet..

oh ini dh dua kali cuci sejak abis examm..
sudah tentula bersih..

markah terkumpul..

kebersihan = 9 markah
kekemasan = 7 markah
kewangian = 6 markah
kepenatan peluh yg kuar = 10 markah

total for task THREE = 32 markah x 2 = 64 markah


kerja partime ngan Sarah..
oh kerja ni dh disambar org lain..

markah terkumpul..

kerja disambar = -10 markah
Sarah said sorry = 20 markah [bonus double]
aku maki si sambar tu = 10 markah
aku live life cool = 50 markah

markah for task FOUR = 70 markah


medical checkup..
hurm, malas giler nk pi wat awal2..
nnt mase dh nk dekat bukak sem baru aku pi wat okepp..

so tiada kiraan markah kerana task ditangguhkan..


alamak ni yg fail ni..
haritu 2 minggu jek xmakan nasik..
tp akhirnye kalah gak..
dah mak asik masak nasik jek..
kesian lak kalu aku tak makan..
huahuahua [alasan]

so markah = -10markah

tapi aku akan mulakan diet yg baru..
huh~ semangat~!!


rockk legenddss~~!!
akhirnye aku berjaya capai level 50..

kiraan markah..

level achievement = 50 markah
satisfactaion = 10 markah
self-dressing = 10 markah
hair-style = 10 markah

markah for task SEVEN = 90 markah


yeah yg eight ni paling aku xsabar..
tapi agak susah nk langsungkan
tp akan tetap aku cube..
chaiyokkk Ija~~!!

cepat kire markahhh~~~!!!

task ONE = 52
task TWO = 44
task THREE = 64
task FOUR = 70
task FIVE = not yet
task SIX = -10
task SEVEN = 90
task EIGHT = not yet

total markah = 310 markah

wah terer x haku??

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bufday si Borny

on this eleven-th may two-thousand-nine
may Allah bless you with a happiness
may u got the best SPM result for this year
may u not being choose for PLKN
eventhou you memorize their song adi..
last, may ur future life full with enjoyment
and happiness..
we always be by ur side..

.: chocolate endulgence, fudge and cheese oreo :.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy mak&abah Day..

Happy anniversary to mak and abah!!

We planned to celebrate the day with eating and wayang..

after fetched apip dari sekolah,
we went to all cake houz in serdang and bangi but it was hopeless..

cake yg didambakan tak ketemu..

all the cake besar2 belaka, nak kek kecik jek..

yg comel2 cam kt tesco..

at last we stucked at metro point

even we know, metro point xde kedai kek pun..
ingat plan nk beli dunkin donut to replace with the cake..
tapi donut kt metro point very dissapointed..

so both of us jalan2 kt metro point..

then i bought a present for mak and abah..

a very cute gift and with a little budget cam aku ni..


this is the present..

then lepas solat maghrib..

mak abah.. wani pesan pakai cantik2.. huhu

[cam siot jek aku, tp mmg wani pesan cam tu.. ngeee]

yeah siap~

mak n abah pakai very the cantik..

terus kitorg gerak ke mines..

we eat at Kenny Rogers

then we went for wayang~

citer X-men: origin wolverine

b4 nk masuk wayang tu..
ade satu adengan yg aku xberapa suke..

the C guy:
bungkusan makanan dr luar xbley bawa masuk ye..

"tapi bukan nk makan pun..

the C guy:
tetap tak bley bawak masuk..

"kalu masuk dalam beg..

the C guy:
tetap tak bley sbb saya dh nmpk


the C guy:
letak la mane2 tp jangan bawak masuk..

"buang je la~~~"

"letak kat mane2 tu nk letak kt mane??

the C guy:
letak la kt dalam keta ke tp xbley bawak masuk..

"kasik kt dia je la..

"nah amikkk la~

wani dengan macho nye amik bungkusan tu dari aku terus bg kt 'the C guy'..
aku terkedu dan terkesima tanpa sebarang kata..

ye mmg jarang aku diam tanpa kata..
sbb aku terkejut..

dan rase bersalah sgt time tu kt wanie..

seriusly aku rase bersalah giler..

rase cam nk volunteer makanan tu letak dlm keta..

tp citer dh nk start..

ye mmg salah aku sbb gi pegang bungkusan tu sape suh..

wah~ mmg salah aku..

tp yg
'the C guy' tu very the poyo sgt tu apsal..
nk jadik employee of the month kepe..

dia keja kt panggung wayang tu selamenye ke??

wah sangat babisss~~

kasik je la lepas..

dia xnmpk ke yg dia tahan tu familii~

kasik je la letak dlm beg..

mmg babiss~~

aku dh luper muke mamat tu..

sbb babiss sgt tuu..

buat pe nk ingat muke org yg babiss..

wah~~ dia membuatkan aku rase bersalah..

sbb aku yg pegang bungkusan tu..

tapi yg paling best~
muke tak terkate dia biler wani terus bagi bungkusan tu kt dia..

walaupun makanan tu xleh kami bawak masuk..
tapi rase cam kemenangan milik kami..

because dengan baginye bungkusan tu kt dia membuktikan yg...

kitorg bukan kebulur sangat nk makan dalam panggung wayangg la buduh~

cume~ silap aku sbb ko nmpk bngkusan tu ditangan aku..

ape2 pun ko tetap the C guy..

*the C guy - C for cilaka

dan satu perkara lagi..

panggung wayang kt mines tak sesuai tuk parent korg..

kalu nk bawak parent gi tgk wayang, bawak la gi kt alamanda..

sbb alamanda wangi dan baru..

the reason why i said this..

Abah said:
"dalam panggung tadi ade nyamuk, gigit2 abah..
pastu bau bussukkkk~ bluekkkkk~"